Our Parish Vision

Our parish is –

A community which worships God and lives as followers of Jesus, sharing His good news. We hope and pray that everyone will realise that God loves each one of us, and knows that He calls us to a new and eternal life.

We develop and strengthen our parish as a loving, caring and welcoming community in which each one of us can find our Christian vocation and live it out. We do this through the sacraments, the scriptures, prayer and charitable works.

We encourage one another to help and support those in both our own and wider communities in their various material and spiritual needs and to work towards establishing God’s Kingdom of peace and justice in our world.

We do this by –

  • Identifying what needs to be done in our parish, our school, our village and beyond.
  • Meeting those needs.
  • Responding socially and ecumenically.
  • Taking a responsible approach to the financial aspect of our planning, aware of the commitment to working for justice and peace.
  • Deepening everyone’s involvement in the liturgical life of the parish, so that we all recognise the part we play when we come together in prayer and worship.

In all our activity, we give priority to those in our parish and the wider community with special needs, the young, the sick, the dying, the housebound, the bereaved and those who feel on the edge of society.