St. Alban’s Parish, Macclesfield

All Hallows Catholic College, Macclesfield

All Hallows Catholic College is an all-ability Voluntary Academy for boys and girls aged 11 to 18 ->

St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School

St. Paul’s Catholic Pre-school

Liturgy Office of England and Wales

The Liturgy Office serves the work of the Department for Christian Life and Worship of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales providing resources, information and advice ->

The Wednesday Word

Current edition available after 12pm on Thursday -> Wednesday Word

Weekday Mass Sheet

This may help you if you are joining in with the daily masses streamed from our churches. This is available at a number of parish web sites, including the Liverpool South Pastoral Area -> Weekday Mass sheets and St John Vianney in Coventry -> Weekday Mass sheets.

Catholic Directory

A listing of all parishes in England and Wales, with details of contacts, Mass times, etc -> Catholic Directory, England and Wales and Catholic directory

Details for parishes, worldwide -> Catholic Directory, worldwide

Lighting virtual candles

Light a virtual candle in memoriam, and request your prayers -> SVP Light a candle

Taking Stock

The ‘Taking Stock’ initiative began in 2005 and aims to assess the historical and architectural importance of every Catholic church and chapel within a diocese ->

The trust exists to support churches, chapels and meeting houses so that they remain at the heart of the communities for which they were built and can continue to play an integral part in all our lives ->

Poynton Update News

Local news on Poynton and district ->Poynton Town Council

Poynton Post

This is available online at -> Poynton Post. You can sign up for updates by email.