Health and safety


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  1. Church access advice.
  2. Safety in the church advice
  3. Emergency evacuation of the church advice.
  4. Presbytery access advice.
  5. Contagious and infection disease prevention advice
  6. Coronavirus, COVID-19
  7. Extreme heat conditions

(1) Church access

The church’s front door has two steps with side rails, and then the inside porch has two steps into the nave. Those entering and exiting by the front door should take to avoid tripping over the steps, especially in wet weather.

Those who are less mobile may prefer to enter through the the side door (this path is along the Bulkeley Road side of the church), this has a shallow slope and no steps. The side path and side doors are wide enough for wheelchair access.

The rear gate primarily provides access to the patio area. There are steps from the patio into the presbytery and church.


(2) Safety in the church

  • Please be careful with any lighted candles, as you may hurt yourself with hot wax or accidentally set clothing on fire.
  • Please allow direct access to the exits, and do not block the aisles during any Mass or service.
  • If you feel unwell, see fire, or any other significant emergency, then please ask for help from the stewards or any member of the church team; sacristans, welcomers, PowerPoint, reader…
  • If you are in a wheelchair or are significantly mobility impaired please sit near the side door; this is an easier exit in emergency.


(3) Emergency evacuation of the church

In case of an emergency evacuation please follow the directions announced by the church team.

  1. Exit with care through the main church doors or the side door.
  2. Please congregate outside the Vernon School on Bulkeley Road.
  3. Fire extinguishers are in the porch and the sacristy, but please only use these if you have been trained.
  4. Emergency torches are by the inside of front door and side door


(4) Presbytery access

The presbytery’s front door has a shallow step, and is wide enough for wheelchair access.

The rear gate provides access to the back patio. Because there are steps from the patio, access from this area into the presbytery is difficult for those with mobility issues.


(5) Contagious and infection disease prevention

Communal areas and communal equipment are liable to support the transmission of contagious and infection diseases.

The church and the presbytery do have facilities so that users can wash their hands properly and clean/wipe any communal items.

The church and presbytery are cleaned regularly, with the aim of providing a welcoming and hygienic environment under normal circumstances.

Self isolation

If you are isolating yourself at home you can join in the Masses and services that are video streamed from St Alban’s Church, Macclesfield -> St Alban’s video stream.

Weekend Mass times at St Alban’s are normally:

  • Sunday Vigil: Saturday at 18:30
  • Sunday Mass: Sunday at 09:30, 11:00 and 18:30.

Colds, influenza and other viruses

  • Anyone with cold or ‘flu symptoms to refrain from the physical sign of peace, taking communion from the Chalice and advise they should receive the host on the hand only.
  • Ministers of the Eucharist should sanitise their hands before and after distributing communion.
  • When visiting parishioners at home, Ministers of the Eucharist must wash hands before giving the sacraments. 


(6) Coronavirus, COVID-19

The circumstances in 2022 still reuire cautious preventative measures. and advice, events and activities are being changed at short notice to reflect the current position. Key advice for the current position is:

  • that people should frequently wash there hands (soap and water, or using alcohol based sanitising hand gel). St Paul’s will provide hand gel in church.
  • There should be no pastoral visits to people who are self-isolating until isolation ends.

The latest St Paul’s parish update regarding specific activities is at Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

We are implementing:

  • the guidelines from the UK Government 
  • the instructions and guidance from the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales and the Diocese of Shrewsbury
  • the instructions and guidance from Cheshire East Council and East Cheshire NHS.
  • choices which seem appropriate and relevant to the parishioners of St Paul’s.

Our aims over this challenging time are:

  • To provide events and activities which can be safely provided for our parishioners, our church attending congregation, those involved in parish activities, our visitors and visiting priests.
  • To continue to deliver essential sacramental services, where these can be safely provided.
  • Identify extra services that can be safely offered and are valued, such as weekend Masses, weekday services and Masses, and access to the church for private prayer.
  • Increase the hygiene level and measures applied in the uses of the church building.
  • Significantly reduce the use of the presbytery building, so that we do not need to increase the hygiene levels and measures in that building.

Relevant external advice:

UK Government and Public Health England (PHE)Living safely with respiratory infections, including COVID-19

NHS: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England of Wales: CBCEW Corona Virus advice

Diocese of Shrewsbury: Coronavirus guidance issued by the Catholic Church 

Cheshire East: -> Latest Covid-19 figures


6. Extreme heat conditions

The frequency of periods of extreme heat conditions are increasing. Therefore, we need to be prepared for the real possibility of severe health impacts and take the needed steps to try and avoid them.

Advice information from UK national institutions:

UK Health Security Agency -> Staying safe in extreme heat

NHS -> Heatwave: how to cope in hot weather

Cheshire East -> Heatwave alert: how to cope in hot weather

Easy-read advice -> from 2014, Keeping healthy when it is really hot 

Our parish team will try to maintain a high level of cooling ventilation in the church during extreme heat conditions.


[16 July 2022]