Looking Towards the Future

In 2013, Fr Peter Burke agreed to provide pastoral leadership for the St Paul’s parish; this was in addition to his existing responsibilities as parish priest of St Alban’s in Macclesfield. This provided a much needed firm basis for the future of St Paul’s parish, both administratively and sacramentally. The parish is well served by Fr Peter and the willing parishioner volunteers that contribute their enthusiasm and effort to parish activities. Amongst those volunteers is Gerard Turnbull, now retired as a Deacon, but still very involved in parish affairs.

At an initial parish gathering in 2010, the parish members of endorsed the approach of parish volunteers taking a greater involvement in parish activities, and have enthusiastically embraced the planning for transition to this new arrangement.

At a second parish gathering in November 2011 details of the many activities within the parish were published; this formed the basis of the activity descriptions on this website, and was published in the printed parish directory. If you are interested in knowing the full breadth of activities that our current volunteers do, see the full list activities on this website and the latest release of the parish directory.

A volunteer transition group was formed to make this new arrangement work, informed by approaches taken by other parishes, with direction planning meetings facilitated by Sr Catherine Darby. The transition group completed its work with the establishment of a Parish Office team, and the Parish Coordinating Team. This approach was endorsed at an open parish meeting.

The Parish Office team responds to the diverse support requests, and ensures the day to day functioning of the parish.

The Parish Coordinating Team meets to direct the major changes in the parish, and its activities. The Parish Coordinating Team has a membership that represents all the activities in the parish. A smaller executive working team of the Parish Coordinating Team, the Core Team, is chaired by Fr Peter and meets as required to sustain the effectiveness of the parish.

The parish holds an annual open parish meeting where the parish arrangements are reviewed and modified as required.

These arrangements have proved effective so far. In particular the arrangements sustained the parish when in 2012 Canon Harry Stratton needed to retire from his expected support of the parish due to ill-health.

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