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St. Paul’s Catholic Church

Welcome to St Paul’s, Poynton. You may contact us using the contact form below, or for other enquiries please send us an email the parish office team at

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    Going into Macclesfield Hospital? If you or a relative / friend would like a visit / communion, please let Fr Peter Cryan, the Hospital Chaplain know on 01625 423576 or email:

    If going into a Nursing/Rest Home, please let the Parish Priest know for the area where the Home is. Otherwise you can send our Parish Office an email or telephone them.

    St Paul’s Roman Catholic Church
    33 Bulkeley Road
    Cheshire SK12 1NR

    Parish Office
    Telephone: 01625 872606

    Parish Priest: Fr Peter H Burke
    Deacon: Gerard Turnbull (retired)

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    In contacting the parish of St Paul’s you have provided your personal information. We try our best to ensure that all personal information that is provided is collected, processed and stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The personal information you have supplied is retained only as necessary and used by the Parish, or the Diocese, for dealing with your request, and is not transferred to any external third party for marketing or fundraising purposes. Your personal information is not retained on our web site. You can read our full privacy notice at -> Privacy notice

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