Due to coronavirus measures in place during 2020, please note that Lent and Easter masses, services and events at St Paul’s Church are suspended until further notice. Please check for updates at -> Coronavirus updates

As a consequence, there will be no St Paul’s parish card this year. However the children at St Paul’s Primary School have painted their Easter card pictures for the parish card, so the parish thanks these children and their pictures are shown here ->  Easter card pictures

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Lent 2020

Throughout LENT we will collect Lenten Alms monies which will be sent off to the Diocese. Please place monies into the glass bell jar at the back of church. For many, almsgiving can simply mean donating money to charities or other good causes. The concept of almsgiving in the Catholic Church though, goes much deeper. It’s our response to the call of the Gospel and the Church’s social teaching which encourages us to reach out to people in need and to give a positive expression to our ‘concern for the poor and the defence of justice and right.’ During Lent, our prayer, fasting and almsgiving are the three distinguishing marks of Lent. Almsgiving is often the most neglected. Almsgiving is a form of prayer because it is “giving to God” and not mere philanthropy. It is a form of fasting because it demands sacrificial giving – not just giving something, but giving up something.

The Pope’s message for Lent 2020:

Summary -> Pope for Lent – With God there is always a dialogue of the heart

Full text -> Pope-Francis-Lent-Message-2020


St Paul’s Parish

Lent 2020

Below are the various parish activities over Lent.

Click here for the full Lent leaflet for activities organised by St Paul’s Poynton, see below and -> Lent 2020 Leaflet v7b

Ash Wednesday: Distribution of ashes on Wednesday 26th February.

  • 9:30am in St Paul’s Primary School, Marley Road.
  • 7:30pm in St Paul’s Church.

Each week in Lent:

Monday: Morning Prayers of the church at 9:20am before the 9:30am Word and Communion service.

Tuesday: Stations of the Cross at 9:20am before the 9:30am Word & Communion service. For more information about the Stations of the Cross -> The Journey to the Cross v2 web

Wednesday: Morning Prayers of the church at 9:20am before the 9:30am Word and Communion service.

Thursday: Stations of the Cross at 7:20pm before the 7:30pm Mass.

Friday: Morning Prayers of the church at 9:20am before the 9:30am Word and Communion service.


  • Confession available between 5:30pm for as long as needed from 29th February to 28th March
  • Vigil Mass at 6:30pm

Sunday: Sunday Mass at 10:00am

Special Lent events:

Lent study group: led by Dr Ros Stuart-Buttle, using the Gospel of John. There are four study sessions that bring together theology, scripture and adult faith development. These will be on Thursdays 8-9.30pm, on 27th February, 5th March, 12th March, 19th March. Meet in the church or in the conservatory. Please bring your Bible to these sessions. Everyone welcome!

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: on Sunday 15th March at 2pm to 3pm, a Holy Hour with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is being led by Gerard Turnbull. This hour starts and finishes with prayer, and silent adoration during the hour.

Penitential Mass: This Mass is on 31st March in St Paul’s Church at 7pm. Led by Father Peter Burke, all are welcome to share the Sacrament of Reconciliation and experience the mercy of God.


Holy Week and Easter 2020

Click here for the full Easter card of activities organised by St Paul’s Poynton -> to be provided

For our parish card containing Holy Week and Easter parish services please click on these links: to be provided

Pictures for our Easter service cards were produced by pupils of St Paul’s Primary School, Poynton.

A poster for Holy Week is also available -> 

Palm Sunday 2020

Saturday 4th April: Palm Sunday Vigil Mass, 6.30pm. Start of Passiontide.

Sunday 5th April: Palm Sunday Mass, 10:00am. A commemoration of the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem.

Holy Week 2020

Tuesday 7th April: No Word and Communion service.

Thursday 9th April: Maundy Thursday, Mass of the Lord’s Supper, 8.00pm. We are called to lives of service to our brothers and sisters.

Friday 10th April: Good Friday morning, from 10-10:30am. A short service examining the journey of Jesus to the Cross and what it says to us today. All ages welcome.

Friday 10th April: Solemn Celebration of the Lord’s Passion and Death, 3.00pm.

Easter 2020

Saturday 11th April: Easter Vigil, 8.00pm. In the darkness, the new light shines as Christ is risen.

Sunday 12th April: Easter Sunday Mass, 10.00am. Family Mass for Easter.


St Alban’s Parish

St Alban’s Lent

Click here for information on Lent activities at St Alban’s Macclesfield -> to be provided

Additional information on Lent and its meaning can be found at St Alban’s web site. Their full Lent calendar is at -> to be provided

St Alban’s Parish: Lent Home Groups
The Lent home groups in St Alban’s Parish are reflecting on a Journey with Matthew. You are welcome to join these Lent home groups, details are on the noticeboard at the back of church, and this leaflet -> St Alban’s Home Groups Lent 2020


St Alban’s Easter

Click here for information on Easter activities at St Alban’s Macclesfield -> to be provided


St Paul’s Primary School

Easter card pictures

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