Below are the various parish activities over Lent and Easter.

Click here for the full Lent leaflet -> Lent 2018 Leaflet v4b

Lent 2018

Ash Wednesday: Distribution of ashes on Wednesday 14th February

  • 9:30am in St Paul’s Primary School, Marley Road.
  • 7:30pm in St Paul’s Church, within a Word and Communion service that also commemorates the Stations of the Cross.

Each week in Lent:

Monday: Morning Prayers of the church at 9:20am before the 9:30am Word and Communion service.

Tuesday: Stations of the Cross at 9:20am before the 9:30am Word & Communion service

Wednesday: Morning Prayers of the church at 9:20am before the 9:30am Word and Communion service.

Thursday: Stations of the Cross at 7:20pm before the 7:30pm Word and Communion service..

Friday: Morning Prayers of the church at 9:20am before the 9:30am Word and Communion service.


  • Confession available between 5:30pm to 6:00pm from 17th February to 17th March.
  • Vigil Mass at 6:30pm

Sunday: Sunday Mass at 10:00am

For our parish card containing Holy Week and Easter parish services please click on these links: St Pauls Easter card 2018 Isaac and St Pauls Easter card 2018 Martha. Pictures for our Easter service cards were produced by pupils of St Paul’s Primary School, Poynton.

Palm Sunday 2018

Saturday 24th March: Palm Sunday Vigil Mass, 6.30pm. Start of Passiontide.

Sunday 25th March:

  • Palm Sunday Mass, 10:00am. A commemoration of the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem.
  • A reflection on the Stations of the Cross at 2:00pm. This is a thoughtful, meaningful service which relates the mercy of Jesus to our lives today.

Sunday 25th March: Organised by CTiP (Churches Together in Poynton), at 12.30am to 12.45am, a Joint Service at St. Georges dedicating the Poynton Cross in the name of Jesus Christ, to the glory of God.

Easter 2018

Tuesday 27th March:

No Word and Communion service.

Mass of Reconciliation: This Lenten Forgiveness Mass is at 7:30pm. A time of reconciliation and reflection.

Thursday 29th March: Maundy Thursday, Mass of the Lord’s Supper, 8.00pm. We are called to lives of service to our brothers and sisters.

Friday 30th March: Good Friday Family Service, 10.00am. A family service with the younger members of our families in mind.

Friday 30th March: Solemn Celebration of the Lord’s Passion and Death, 3.00pm.

Saturday 31st March: Easter Vigil, 8.00pm. In the darkness, the new light shines as Christ is risen.

Sunday 1st April: Easter Sunday Mass, 10.00am. Family Mass for Easter.


Additional information on Lent and its meaning come be found at St Alban’s – Lent information and activities

[23 March 2018]