John and Sarah Kalnins are organising a trip to Alton Towers for the Youth Group on the 30th  August, and it is also open to current yr 6 pupils as their introduction to the Youth Group.

The plan is that the Kalnins will be going as a family and taking two cars, so that means they can take 6 others along with themselves. If there are more than 6 that want to go they will need additional parents helpers/taxi drive. We will use the various ticket offers, vouchers, discount codes etc, to make the price as manageable as possible, probably around £17- £21 per person depending on age.

The date will be Thursday 30th August, hopefully far enough away for the sun to the shining and the rain stopped. If you would like to go please email Sarah asap with Monday 20th as the latest. Then they will be able to confirm transport requirements and exact ticket prices.