In 2013, Fr Peter Burke agreed to provide pastoral leadership for the St Paul’s parish; this was in addition to his existing responsibilities as parish priest of St Alban’s parish in Macclesfield.

The teams in St Paul’s parish work closely with the St Alban’s parish team to share information, support, ideas and initiatives.

For more information about St Alban’s parish, and their weekly and monthly news -> St Alban’s parish 

Live streamed services: Please join St. Albans for their live streamed services and show your support to our priests who are doing their best for us. Live streamed masses can be viewed on St. Albans website -> – click on “live-streamed”. Father Peter and Fr Paschal appreciate your messages, notes and calls of feedback and support.  It’s a strange time for them and it must feel difficult to gauge how the live services are being received without your feedback. Some parishioners have been lighting a candle near their computer screen to focus the attention and enhance the feeling of sharing that time together.

St Alban’s Church open for individual prayer and weekend Mass: St. Alban’s Church is now open for individual prayer and weekend Mass. Private prayer sessions are 15mins, twice a day, limited to two sessions per person per week to allow as many parishioners as possible to attend. Masses are 45mins on Saturday and Sunday. If you’re interested in attending for private prayer or Mass you must read and comply with the guidance and booking instructions -> Information and booking arrangements . Also booking can be done online -> Online booking form

[14 Aug 20]