Background information can be found at St Paul’s: Health and Safety, Coronavirus. This includes a sheet of personal prayers for when Mass cannot be celebrated publicly.

Live and recorded streaming services. You can view recordings and live scheduled Masses and services in local churches and the Vatican:

A full list is of Catholic churches using live streaming -> CBCEW Catholic Mass online

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Events and activities at St Alban’s Church: Current arrangements at St Alban’s, Macclesfield -> Opening times. Archived version -> St Alban’s opening times

Events and activities at St Paul’s Church: Detailed information on the availability of events and activities at St Paul’s Church is listed below. 

Please note this information below may change frequently.

Current status of events and activities in St Paul's parish

Event or activityStatusNotes
Regular events and activities
Opening of St Paul's Church for Individual PrayerArrangements are being investigated and planned. Opening of churches for individual prayer is allowed from 15th June 2020, but requires significant measures to be put in place.
Weekend Masses: Saturday Vigil 6:30pm and Sunday 10am.CancelledUnder review to determine when we can recommence.
The obligation of the faithful to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days amid these extraordinary circumstances cannot be fulfilled.
Weekday mass 9:30am on WednesdayNow available using streamed video on Facebook Live from 27th May 2020.Awaiting permission to recommence with a congregation present.
Word Communion services at on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and FridayCancelledAwaiting permission to recommence with a congregation present.
Little Church (as part of 10am Mass)Cancelled until further notice.Will recommence when it can be safely held.
Choir rehearsal on Tuesday eveningCancelled.Will recommence when it can be safely held.
Sacramental services
BaptismDeferred. Contact the parish office if baptism needed urgently.
MarriagesDeferredContact the parish office if marriage needed urgently.
ConfessionsNot available at St Paul's Church.May be available at other local parishes if they have suitable facilities.
Sacrament of the Sick (often called Last Rites) No pastoral visits to those who are self-isolating until the isolation period ends. Contact the parish office if needed.
Funeral services and Requiem MassesWill take place at the graveside or at a crematorium, subject to conditions laid down by the cemetery or crematorium authorities. Only close family can attend. Arrangements should be made for a Mass to be celebrated in memoriam when congregations are allowed to gather.
Contact the parish office to discuss arrangements.
See also -> Art of Dying Well - advice during coronavirus pandemic and Gov UK - Safe funerals advice
Confirmation programmeDeferred (home sessions no longer available)This year's Confirmation ceremony for 2020 will take place, if public health advice allows public worship, even though some lessons have not taken place (it may be that that those involved will attend 2021 education programme).
Eucharistic ministers visits to provide communion to those in care homes and home boundNo pastoral visits.Will recommence when they can be safely held.
Friendship and Bereavement GroupSessions cancelled until further notice.Will recommence when it can be safely held.
Coffee clubs held in the presbyteryNo longer availableWill recommence when it can be safely held.
Parish officeParish office contacts by post, email and telephone will be handled. Non-essential personal visits to the parish office are undesirable.Usual access will recommence when it can be safely provided
Liturgy GroupWill continue to meet, using audio/video conferencing
List above shows the current status of events and activities at St Paul's Church. This is updated as required. Last update on 10th June 2020

[10th June 2020]