27th February 2022

Parish newsletter: -> 8th Sun Ord Time, Cyc C – 27th Feb 22 with additional items -> 8th Sun Ord Time Cyc C – 27thFeb22 Additional NL Items

Wednesday Word: Wednesday Word is updated each week as a useful sheet for families to read through.

Special Notices: 

  • Lent starts this week with Ash Wednesday on 2nd March 2022. Pope Francis has invited everyone to make Ash Wednesday a Day of Fasting for Peace -> More details (CBCEW).

Covid-19 – current measures

As discussed in our Liturgy Group meeting on 5th February, the summary of relevant changes in St Paul’s parish are:

  • Sunday Mass and services in the church building:
    • Mask wearing will continue as a required precautionary measure.
    • Hand sanitiser will continue to be available for usage.
    • Reintroducing the “sign of peace” during Mass will be considered later in the year.
    • We are keen to recommence “Little Church” but this will depend on more parisioners offering their time and skills each week.
    • Filling of holy water stoops will be considered later in the year. The Liturrgy Group will identify a Sunday where parishioners can bring their own bottles of water (with added salt) for blessing.
    • See “St Paul’s Church – Mass and prayers” below for more details.
  • Presbytery:
    • the conservatory, dining room, kitchen and downstairs toilet will be available for use, for example for tea and coffee after Mass.
    • Other areas of the presbytery remain unavailable.
    • Those using the available areas are reminded that good ventilation, use of hand sanitisers and wearing masks are good practical measures for the prevention of infection.
  • Community Rooms, Marley Road: these are used by the pre-school during weekdays, so any use of the hall for other activities must be managed and monitored by parish helpers. How and when the Community Rooms can be available for other uses and activities will be reviewed later in the year.

Current updates for Places of Worship are available on the websites below:

St Paul’s Church – Mass and prayers

Please note that hand sanitising when entering and leaving church is still required, as well as after you have received communion. Please also note that face coverings are still a requirement unless you are in the exempt category.

Sunday Mass, 10am:

  • In-person Masses continue with reduced numbers in the congregation.
  • Church opens at 9:45am for Mass at 10am.
  • To join us the Mass virtually please go online toStreamed Mass.

Wednesday Mass, 9:30am:

  • Morning Prayers at are 9.15am and Mass is at 9.30am. Both are available for in-person attendance and streaming using Facebook Live -> Facebook Live or in the Facebook App search for “Mass at St Paul’s RC Church” 
  • To join us the Mass virtually please go online toStreamed Mass.

Sacrament of Reconciliation: anyone wishing to receive the sacrament will need to telephone either Fr Peter or Fr Paschal directly at St. Alban’s Parish Office on 01625 423 446 to book an appointment. The sacrament will be held outside, in a private place and physically distanced for safety reasons.

Mass intentions: Please contact the St Paul’s parish office with any queries or requests for Mass intentions. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe!

Parish donations

Planned Giving Offertory Envelopes: are now in the porch of the Church and can be collected ONLY when the Church is open on a Sunday morning. Please collect them if you can.

Donating by standing order: you may donate using standing order -> Donations and Standing Order details

Gift aid: you may gift aid your donations -> Gift Aid details

St Paul’s – General information

Parish newsletter: If you know of anyone who would like a copy of the newsletter via email please ask them to register their details on the parish database. This can be done by using the online registration form -> Parish database

News: Key pages on the parish website so that you can keep up to date with parish matters are:

Queries: If you have any urgent queries, please contact the parish office by email or telephone. At this time the office is working reduced hours from home focusing on calls, emails and the weekly newsletter – the parish office team hope you are finding the newsletters informative and interesting.

St Alban’s parish

St Alban’s news -> St Alban’s Monthly News and Weekly Newsletter

You can join St. Albans for their live streamed services and keep up to date with St Alban’s news on their website -> St Alban’s website. Key activities are also listed in the St Paul’s newsletter.

Local news for Poynton and district

Keep up to date at:

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