29th August 2021

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St Paul’s – Parish update 

St. Paul’s Parish Newsletter: -> 22nd Sunday Ord Time (Cyc B) – 29th Aug 2021

Papal mesage for August: In his video message for his prayer intention for August -> Prayer intention, Pope Francis reminds the faithful that “the vocation of the Church is evangelisation,” and even more, “the Church’s identity is evangelisation.” In this month, the Holy Father reflects on the situation of the Church, its vocation and its identity, and calls us to renew it “by discerning God’s will in our daily life,” and “embarking on a transformation guided by the Holy Spirit.” “Our own reform as persons is that transformation,” the Pope said. This allows the “Holy Spirit, the gift of God in our hearts, to remind us what Jesus taught and helps us to put into practice.”

Sunday Mass:

Wednesday Mass:

  • in-person Mass continues. The Wednesday’s Prayers at are 9.15am and Mass is at 9.30am are both available to attend in person. There is no booking required for  Wednesday Prayers and Mass. However, you do need to sign in on arrival at church using the sheet provided, and we ask that you sit socially distanced in the identified seats. There is no booking because we are assuming that the Wednesday morning congregation will not exceed to reduced capacity of the church.
  • To join us the Mass virtually please go online to: Streamed Mass.

Wednesday Word: Wednesday Word is updated each week as a useful sheet for families to read through.

Weekday Mass Sheet, to help you if you are joining in with the daily masses streamed from St Alban’s and St Paul’s. However, due to the impact of Covid-19, the Weekday Mass Sheets have yet recommenced.

5th August 2021 update: Since the relaxation of restrictions in July, there are differing views on what measures we should be having including dropping all the restrictions we have here in church. What is most important though, is that we want to welcome back all parishioners in a way that everyone can feel safe and comfortable in church. We have received many comments (both from St Paul’s parishioners, and those in St Albans parish) that if we drop all the restrictions straight away some people would not feel safe.

So what are we doing? We want to take small steady steps forward to “normality”. From Wednesday August 11 we restarted open church, with no booking required for in-person attendance at Wednesday Masses.  The Mass will be in person, as usual at 9:15am for morning prayer, with Mass starting at 9:30pm (while retaining the on line broadcast connections for the time being).  Those arriving for Wednesday Mass will need to “sign in” so we have a Covid track and trace log.

We have re-introduced the missals from then too, both on Wednesday and Sunday. And we have reverted to the normal order of service on Wednesday and Sunday including communion within the service rather than leaving church straight after receiving the host.

However, in keeping with the Bishops guidance we will retain the need to wear a face covering mask at masses and maintain social distancing, and of course hand sanitiser will be available.

Also from September we hope to have music and singing during the Sunday mass.

For Sundays we will need to retain the booking system for the time being because we are only a small church with limited capacity.

Lots goes on in the background to make all these things possible, and from September we are inviting back our over 70s volunteers.  I’d like to thank again the volunteers who have helped keep us going during over the past year. If anyone of any age would like to volunteer we would be delighted. The more the merrier. 

This is just the start. Please be patient over the coming weeks, and of course we will discuss the changed arrangements at the parish meeting on 12th September. I know for some it won’t be fast enough, for others it will too fast in making changes.  Let’s stick together as a loving community and try to find what will be the new normal!

St Paul’s Church – Mass and prayers

Wednesday Mass at 9:30am: available for in-person attendance and streaming using Facebook Live. This Mass starts at 9:15am with prayers, followed by Mass at 9:30am -> Facebook Live or in the Facebook App search for “Mass at St Paul’s RC Church”.

Sunday Mass at 10am: As the level of Covid-19 infections has dropped St Paul’s church and St. Alban’s church have reopened for Sunday Masses bookings. 

Sacrament of Reconciliation: anyone wishing to receive the sacrament will need to telephone either Fr Peter or Fr Paschal directly at St. Alban’s Parish Office on 01625 423 446 to book an appointment. The sacrament will be held outside, in a private place and physically distanced for safety reasons.

Mass intentions: Please contact the St Paul’s parish office with any queries or requests for Mass intentions. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe!

Parish donations

Planned Giving Offertory Envelopes: are now in the porch of the Church and can be collected ONLY when the Church is open on a Sunday morning.  Please collect them if you can.

St Paul’s – General information

Parish newsletter: If you know of anyone who would like a copy of the newsletter via email please ask them to register their details on the parish database. This can be done by using the online registration form -> Parish database

News: Key pages on the parish website so that you can keep up to date with parish matters are:

  • If you have an up to date smartphone such as an iPhone, Samsung, Sony etc please use the new NHS COVID-19 app to protect you; this includes contact tracing, local area alerts and venue check-in. Details are online > NHS Covid-19 details.

Queries: If you have any urgent queries, please contact the parish office by email or telephone.  At this time the office is working reduced hours from home focusing on calls, emails and the weekly newsletter – the parish office team hope you are finding the newsletters informative and interesting. 

St Alban’s parish

St Alban’s news -> St Alban’s Monthly News and Weekly Newsletter

You can join St. Albans for their live streamed services and keep up to date with St Alban’s news on their website -> St Alban’s website. Key activities are also listed in the St Paul’s newsletter.

Local news for Poynton and district

Keep up to date at:

Poynton Update News: Local news -> Poynton Town Council

Poynton Post: This is available online at -> Poynton Post. You can sign up for updates by email.

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