18th and 19th April 2020

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This week:

If you know of anyone who would like a copy of the newsletter via email please ask them to register their details on the parish database. This can be done by using the online form at http://stpaulspoynton.org.uk/contacts/online-consent/parish-database-2019/

Key pages on the parish website so that you can keep up to date with parish matters are:

Easter pictures: As there will be no Easter parish card for St Paul’s this year, the parish thanks the children from St Paul’s Primary School for their Easter pictures which are shown here -> Easter card pictures

Update on Father Jim McGrath, a message from Chris McGuinness who is Fr. Jim’s housekeeper, dated 17th April 2020: thanks for the very many Masses, good wishes, cards, and prayers sent to Fr. Jim from all of you. Your kindness and concern has been overwhelming. Fr. Jim has been in Leighton Hospital 7 weeks, with no visitors allowed for the last 3 weeks, no one to bring him Holy Communion and struggling valiantly to regain some mobility. He tries to keep hopeful and cheerful but I can only imagine how difficult it must be for him. This week plans are in progress for him to be transferred either for respite care or home depending on his progress. Please continue to remember him in your prayers and pass on thanks, if possible in these days of isolation, to all who remember him.

St Alban’s update: Please join St. Albans for their live streamed services and show your support to our priests who are doing their best for us. Live streamed masses can be viewed on St. Albans website -> http://www.stalbanmacc.org.uk – click “live-streamed”. You can keep with St Alban’s news on their website -> St Alban’s website, which includes their monthly newsletter -> St Alban’s newsletter April 2020

If you have any urgent queries, please contact the parish office by email or telephone.  (At this time the office are focusing on phone calls, emails and the parish newsletter).

We regret that our newsletters may have some personal contact details removed. Implementing the GDPR advice received from the Diocese of Shrewsbury, our parish has been led to understand we can list names, but cannot list other additional identifying information such as email addresses and telephone numbers. So sometimes we are making available a redacted version of our newsletter available on our website.

[17 April 20]

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