4th and 5th April 2020

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Weekly newsletter – click here -> Palm Sunday 4th & 5th Apr 2020 (cyc A)

This week’s Wednesday Word – click here -> Wednesday Word – Palm Sunday

Easter pictures: As there will be no Easter parish card this year, the parish thanks the children from St Paul’s Primary School for their Easter pictures which are shown here – > Easter card pictures

Celebrate the Easter Triduum: As we know we cannot gather in our church at this time. St Alban’s in Macclesfield and St Peter’s in Hazel Grove are broadcasting their Easter Triduum and Easter Masses live online. Further afield you can watch the broadcasts from the Vatican, see the schedule at The Vatican’s Worldwide Telecasts and the summary at Holy Week Transmission from The Vatican 2020. And you may enjoy the reflective prayers and hymns provided by Dan Schutte and OCP as their contribution to our understanding and celebration of the Easter Triduum -> Dan Schutte and OCP – a virtual celebration of the Easter Triduum.

Parish news and information

Key information pages on the parish website:

If you have any urgent queries, please contact the parish office by email, leave a telephone message, or use the contact form at St Paul’s Contact form

Over this time, parish newsletters are being sent out by email to those registered on the parish database. You can add and refresh your details on the parish database by using the online form at St Paul’s parish database – online consent form

Non-medical support or assistance from Poynton volunteers:

Poynton Town Council is co-ordinating volunteers from community organisations. If you need non-medical support or assistance during self-isolation you can contact Poynton Town Council on 01625 872238 / email: haf.barlow@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk

‘Street Champions’: Most of the Poynton area is covered but more Street Champions are needed. The Council ring ‘Street Champions’ who collect prescriptions and shop for their neighbour(s). Please read this flyer -> Street Champ’s Flyer ver3 flyer, more information at Poynton News – Street Champions.

We regret that our newsletters may have some personal contact details removed. Implementing the GDPR advice received from the Diocese of Shrewsbury, our parish has been led to understand we can list names, but cannot list other additional identifying information such as email addresses and telephone numbers. So sometimes we are making available a redacted version of our newsletter available on our website.

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