2nd and 3rd May 2020

Posted on Apr 30 , 2020 in News

This week:

If you know of anyone who would like a copy of the newsletter via email please ask them to register their details on the parish database. This can be done by using the online form at http://stpaulspoynton.org.uk/contacts/online-consent/parish-database-2019/

Key pages on the parish website so that you can keep up to date with parish matters are:

St Alban’s update: Please join St. Albans for their live streamed services and show your support to our priests who are doing their best for us. Live streamed masses can be viewed on St. Albans website -> http://www.stalbanmacc.org.uk – click “live-streamed”. Fr. Peter suggests you join him on Weds at 6pm for Exposition and perhaps light a candle near your computer screen to focus the attention and enhance the feeling of sharing that time.
You can keep with St Alban’s news on their website -> St Alban’s website, which includes their monthly newsletter -> St Alban’s newsletter April 2020

If you have any urgent queries, please contact the parish office by email or telephone.  (At this time the office are focusing on phone calls, emails and the parish newsletter).

The parish office thanks you for your supportive messages – it’s nice to know the newsletter is being well received and that parishioners are finding the information helpful.