Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ

Posted on Jun 01 , 2018 in News

Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ – click here -> Ord Time Wk 9, Redacted, Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ,cyc B, 2nd & 3rd Jun 2018

Mass times are 6:30pm on Saturday (Vigil) and 10:00am on Sunday.

We regret that this newsletter has all personal details removed. We are awaiting detailed advice from the Diocese of Shrewsbury how we should implement GDPR in relation to the newsletter, and to avoid non compliance we are making available a redacted version on our website.

Participating in Adoration
The bishops of England and Wales will hold a National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress in Liverpool 7–9 September 2018.
As part of the preparatory information, the Spirituality Committee has written a series of reflections on the ways we participate in Adoration. Each leaflet considers a posture or attitude of prayerful participation and includes: scripture, image, prayer and reflection. We will be distributing these at the Masses this weekend and subsequent weekends. These leaflets and other materials are at  http://www.liturgyoffice.org.uk/Resources/Adoremus/index.shtml#Rite

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