7th and 8th April 2018

Posted on Apr 07 , 2018 in News

Second Sunday of Easter– click here -> Second Sunday of Easter, cyc B, 7th & 8th Apr 2018

Mass times are 6:30pm on Saturday (Vigil) and 10:00am on Sunday.

Road works: Road works are taking place on Poynton’s shared space on each Sunday up to and including 22nd April 2018, 7:00am to midnight. When traffic queues build up, this affects all roads in central Poynton, and any car journeys to and from St Paul’s Church are likely to take longer than normal. Also work on SEMMs (the through road from the A6 to Manchester airport), may result in local traffic queues. Up to date information is at Poynton Town Council website with relevant web site links.

[updated 8Apr18]

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